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That soothing voice

Merci à mon ami Duc Joshadel d’avoir repris mon poème anglais en le versifiant.

Thank you to my friend Duc Joshadel for taking up my English poem by versifying it.


My nights have now become nights so far from you.
Alone, delivered to darkness, that blinds me
I can soak up that melodious voice, only from you !
Who every evening comes to find me.

I no longer feel this torture that blurred the brightness, This voice, soft and soothing, which vibrates in the horizon,
Just wrap me in this infinite sweetness,
And get me out of what was my greatest sorrow from the reason

Dream, daydream, sometimes I feel a foreign skin against mine,
Its suave scent, its delicate sweetness and its burning heat,
While heart to heart, together we forget the timeline,
And let our bodies embrace in intoxicating sweetness making my heart beat

My nights have become a dream, my memory a delicious rest,
Where I release my hopes of love and passion,
For this night when I find this wonderful kiss, the best..
Soft and caressing hands, able of arouse my deepest emotion.

This soft, soothing voice that vibrates from a thousand miles,
Who wraps me every night for my greatest pleasure erasing the goad,
Got me out of this rut and put me on the road,
Who leads to the joy and happiness of being able to get finally smiles.

Gys – Duc Joshadel

Auteur :

Née en 1956 à Nantes, l’auteure qui a débuté par des poèmes d’amour traduits en Anglais, continue sur sa lancée en publiant dès 2017 des romans inspirés d’histoires vraies. Vous pouvez retrouver l’auteure sur : Sans oublier ses vidéos sur :

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